Margot Young Park


Semana do Rejuvenescimento Facial

02 a 06 de maio

às 20H

Descubra como você pode ter um rosto firme, jovem e bonito
acompanhando essa maratona de lives!


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Margot Young Park

Hi, I'm Margot Young Park, I'm 52 years old, Korean, trained as a fashion designer in Paris, but changed business soon after and have been working in the weight management and wellness industry for over 25 years.
And although you are meeting me today with good skin and at my ideal weight, unfortunately or fortunately it was not always like this.
Unfortunately because I started having problems with my weight and also with my skin already in my teens and this caused me a lot of pain and frustration, and fortunately because it was also the reason that I was forced to learn to control my weight as well as take care of my skin at a very young age.
For this reason, I ended up turning it into a job and a mission, because I have helped thousands of people to control their weight, recover their health and self-esteem.
Today, my focus is to help as many people as possible who, like me, want to age healthily, looking years younger naturally, and feeling forever young.

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