Margot Young Park

How to conquer a youthful appearance, using ancient Korean massage techniques?

Discover how you can have a firm, youthful and beautiful face by applying these Korean massages!

To have radiant skin, it is necessary the correct combination of massages and exercises, with some habits that most of us Korean already have as lifestyle

Difference between massage and exercises

Facial Drainage

Effective facial exercises

Massagens faciais modeladoras

Massage with accessories

Tapping Technique

Home-made masks

The importance of food

Posture mistakes

“yes I had already totally lost the shape of my face!”

The eyelid was so dropping, I could barely make up my eyes. With the fall of the cheek skin my smile wrinkles became more pronounced. But what was really bothering me was the bottom of my face because I didn’t recognize myself in the photos anymore.

Doing facial massage is a very old habit for my culture, and I grew up watching my mother do it in her and today at the age of 83, she has a skin of envying many women much younger. Even though my mother had good skin, I hadn’t given the right attention. Knowing this, I was very bothered, I was already having difficulties to make up eyes, as you can see in the photo, no longer appeared the line of the folds of the eyes that returned with the massage and consequently raised the eyebrow.

Doing facial massage is a very old habit for my culture, and I grew up watching my mother do it in her and today at the age of 83, she has a skin of envying many women much younger. Even though my mother had good skin, I hadn’t given the right attention. Knowing this, I was very bothered, I was already having difficulties to make up eyes, as you can see in the photo, no longer appeared the line of the folds of the eyes that returned with the massage and consequently raised the eyebrow.

Although I was always a careful person with the skin because I had a lot of problems since adolescence such as oily skin, Blackheads, rosacea, I have never been too attached to care for the structure such as sagging, wrinkles, expression lines.

Until last year…

Something it really got to me, was to see in the pictures my very square face due to the sagging cheek and the jitter leaving the mark of the smile wrinkle and the marionette lines very evident.

And it was when I complained to my mother, that she told me that it was high time for me to start doing my massages.

And it was at that moment that I studied and researched everything that was related to massages with my aunt, exercises and techniques that korean women used to have a look and a skin so young.

It is possible to have a totally renewed skin, even if...

I have never learned how to take care of my skin.

Have little time to take care of yourself.

Have oily skin and pimples.

Think that there is no more solution for you.

You are over 50 years old and have had bad habits until now.

Have little money to take care of yourself.

Why will this method work for me?

I'm a student of Margot's Facial Transformation, I consider it a practical, fast, economical and effective method. Through it I improved my face, developed self-esteem and healthier habits. Just joy and well-being, in addition to the VIP group that I participate in and clear my doubts and present my experiences. Today I just thank Margot, for receiving so many teachings. I nominate everyone to participate too, because they will only acquire wonderful experiences and increase self-esteem, come and join this family!

58 years old

This is Celeste, one of my most dedicated students. She's been with me since the beginning and it's amazing how her progress continues month after month. And although it is hard to believe she is 62 years old and is certainly one of the inspirations of our VIP group.

62 years old

Adoreiiii senti uma melhora absurda no tônus e depois que eu vi a minha foto de antes e depois levei um susto o contorno do rosto mudou muito em pouco tempo. Eu alterno os dias entre a  kinesio tape e a misturinha do ômega 3 e faço as  máscaras nos finais de semana e a de alga e/ou piny após a kinesio. Recomendo demais eu amei, você é um doce de pessoa muito solícita, sempre responde.  Fiquei apaixonada.

45 years old

Minha pele ficou outra;  na hora que eu sorria eu lembro ficar muito pé de galinha; a pálpebra levantou e melhorou demais e  até   sorriso triste  que me incomodava eu penso ser por conta da dentição também, mas melhorou muito em apenas 2 meses,  eu invisto um bom tempo nos exercícios também e como cansa  é igual ir à academia mesmo; mas já estou acostumando e vou até aumentar o número de vezes agora. Voltando as massagens, como levantou minha pálpebra. Estou super satisfeita com toda minha mudança.

42 anos

Olá sou a Betânia, tenho 50 anos e Como vocês podem ver na foto anterior tirada há 5 anos, já estava bem envelhecida e com as marcas de expressão bem profundas. Confesso que essa é uma das poucas fotos que eu tenho, pois, já não gostava de aparecer em fotos. Mas depois que eu conheci a Margot nas redes sociais e comecei a praticar todas as dicas de massagem  e exercícios que ela postava senti uma diferença incrível não apenas no rosto como também no pescoço e colo, por isso me sinto super confiante de vestir a roupa que quero. Eu indico para todas as minhas amigas, mas já aviso que tem que ter disciplina e fazer diariamente se quiserem ter o mesmo resultado que eu tive porque é isso que a Margot sempre fala.

50 anos

Em junho de 2019 após sentir uma forte dor de cabeça no meio de um evento a Claudine foi diagnosticado com síndrome de Belfort e apesar de não ter tido maiores complicações um dos lados do olho caiu muito e principalmente as pálpebras e foi através das massagens e dos exercícios do Transformação Facial que ela conseguiu esse resultado.

“Hoje eu amo me olhar no espelho e ver que minha sobrancelha está bem levantada em vista do que ficou e eu consigo com as massagens deixar elas mais simétricas.

Faço os exercícios durante o dia enquanto eu estou trabalhando ou no carro e sempre que posso, pois, depois você pega o jeito de fazer fica bem fácil de praticar em qualquer lugar”

46 years old

Learn from the best

Margot Young Park

Hi, I'm Margot Young Park, I'm 52 years old, Korean, trained as a fashion designer in Paris, but changed business soon after and have been working in the weight management and wellness industry for over 25 years.
And although you are meeting me today with good skin and at my ideal weight, unfortunately or fortunately it was not always like this.
Unfortunately because I started having problems with my weight and also with my skin already in my teens and this caused me a lot of pain and frustration, and fortunately because it was also the reason that I was forced to learn to control my weight as well as take care of my skin at a very young age.
For this reason, I ended up turning it into a job and a mission, because I have helped thousands of people to control their weight, recover their health and self-esteem.
Today, my focus is to help as many people as possible who, like me, want to age healthily, looking years younger naturally, and feeling forever young.

What am I going to learn?


Difference between massage and exercises

Understand the difference between facial massage, facial exercise, and why it is necessary to do both.


Facial Drainage

Just like massages and exercises, facial drainage is essential for the health of the skin, because it is through it that you eliminate the toxins that are the swelling in the skin due to the retained liquids, besides promoting the relaxation of the tensed muscles that cause premature aging due to expression marks.


Effective facial exercises

Facial exercise is a physical therapy tool that will help relax the muscles, as well as increase muscle tone and facial volume.
The exercises increase blood circulation, releasing tension in the face and neck.
It promotes the strengthening of the face muscles, giving more firmness and elasticity to the skin.
Just like massages, they should be done daily.


Massagens faciais modeladoras

In this module you will find several videos where I teach the correct movements for you to achieve the much desired natural "lifting".
They stimulate the circulation, taking more oxygen to the skin, which will help in the production of collagen, softening wrinkles.
One of the most important things to get the best result is the number of repetitions and especially the frequency with which you will perform them.


Massage with accessories

In this module, I show you the accessories that can be used to perform the massages, and I guarantee that many of them you even have at home, and in case you don't, they are all very cheap and easy to acquire.


Tapping Technique

In this module I show you several ways to apply kinesio tape to the face and neck. By applying the tape in the right places and in the right way, it will promote the discrete lifting of the skin, creating a small space between the muscle and the dermis, favoring the drainage of liquids that may be accumulated there, besides increasing the local blood circulation and promoting better muscular performance of the face. This will rejuvenate the skin, diminish creases and the appearance of fine lines, which will give you firmer and much younger looking skin.


Home-made masks

One of the reasons for the good skin of Koreans is because they have the habit of including daily facial masks in their skin care routine, mainly because they are very cheap and practical. As this is not possible here in Brazil, in this module I teach you some of the masks that you can make at home in a simple and economical way.


The importance of food

Uma das coisas que eu sempre falo e ensino é que um dos fatores primordiais para ter uma pele boa e saudável é o que você coloca para dentro do organismo, ou seja, a sua alimentação. Prestar atenção em detalhes como tomar a quantidade correta de água, consumir proteína em todas as refeições, comer fibras diariamente e suplementar são coisas extremamente importantes não apenas para a sua saúde, mas para conseguir manter uma pele jovem e saudável por muito anos. E nesse módulo falo sobre tudo isso, inclusive sobre o jejum intermitente e como ele pode se tornar um grande aliado para ter uma pele perfeita.


Posture mistakes

If there is one thing that I urge people, and especially my students, to pay attention to their posture, and in this module I show you why.

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